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General outline

The French edition of the AILA 2023 congress will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of AILA congress but also the 60th anniversary of AFLA. This will be the opportunity to emphasize that applied linguistics has been interested in real-world problems, from the outset. Reacting to pre- and post-COVID global issues, this congress will be organized around the theme « Diversity and social cohesion in a globalized world: towards more committed language sciences ». The overall goal will be to reflect on how studies in applied linguistics and the researchers who produce them can participate in the construction of a globalized world in which respect for diversity as a basis for social cohesion requires individual and collective commitment. The event is hybrid with online only, in-person only and hybrid sessions.

Proposal Languages

Each symposium has specified in which language(s) proposals will be accepted: French, English, Spanish or German. Authors should submit their individual paper proposal in the language indicated in the symposium text, in English or in another language, if explicitly proposed by the symposium coordinators.

The coordinators will determine  the main language(s) for  discussions  within their symposium. 

A short abstract in English will nevertheless be requested in addition for each individual paper proposal submitted in French, Spanish or German.

Choice of symposium

Authors should refer to the website ( to identify the symposium in which they wish to submit their individual proposal. Each individual proposal must be in one of the following formats:

Restricted call: Only members of these projects can submit an individual proposal

  • AILA Research Network (ReN)
  • On-the-Ground

Open Call: Any researcher may submit an individual proposal to any of these symposia. 

Symposium format

Each symposium indicates the  format that authors should  follow:

Hybrid: participation may be remote  or face-to-face with reserved rooms in dedicated slots

100% online: participation can be  remote or face-to-face but no specific room will be reserved for  the slot.

In all cases, all authors whose submissions are accepted should make a recording of their presentation before the conference. This video will be put online on the dedicated platform.

Please download the style sheet below for all information regarding the format of the abstracts.

Provisional call calendar

April 2022: call launch for individual papers

26 June / 3rd 10th July 2022: close of  call

September October 2022: response to  call


General questions :

Symposium related questions : contact symposium coordinators

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Stylesheet to download

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