AILA 2023

The French edition: 17th-21st July, 2023

Reacting to pre- and post-COVID global issues, this congress will be organized around the theme « Diversity and social cohesion in a globalized world: towards more committed language sciences ». The overall goal will be to reflect on how studies in applied linguistics and the researchers who produce them can participate in the construction of a globalized world in which respect for diversity as a basis for social cohesion requires individual and collective commitment.

AILA 2023

Experiencing a new format

Symposia in 4 languages and 3 modes :

Hybrid: All presentations must be pre-recorded and uploaded before the conference. Rooms can be booked for coordinators on site for face-to-face exchanges.

100% online: Exchanges will be online only. Synchronous exchanges will take place only on the dedicated platform.

100% in-person: Availble for on-the-ground symposia only

AILA 2023

The Venue

The campus boasts a garden of 8 hectares, conceived by Gilles Clément. It serves as a peaceful haven to those who want to read, reflect, stretch out their legs or simply admire the plants and flowers planted throughout the year. But it’s also a meeting point for many, for a coffee break or a picnic, and a pillar of life on the campus.

Launching video