The goal of the Solidarity Award Fund (SAF) is to raise an endowment fund to support scholars to attend AILA meetings (held every three years). These awards are for scholars whose papers are accepted for presentation at the conference, but who are from parts of the world where economies make it difficult, if not prohibitive, for them to travel to the conference. These individuals are the future of our profession and will be the leaders in Applied Linguistics in their countries. The goal of $50,000 for this fundraising campaign would provide funds for this purpose.

Solidarity Award Committee

The Solidarity Award Committee has as its purpose to administer the selection of awardees for each World Congress. The committee is chaired by the Vice President, its members are two members of the International Committee (IC). One of them is the IC representative from the upcoming AILA World Congress host country.



Awardees 2023


Award for online and sustainable participation

Compagnoni Ilaria
Dominguez Amanda
Du Yunpeng
Estefogo Francisco
Fernandez S. Carina
Figueiredo Alex
Ge Nannan
Nawaser Kamal
Ntiranyibagira Constantin
Peña Dix Beatriz
Playsted Skye
Pupatto Ruano Bruna
Rahman Tania
Tavella Gabriela N.
Tian Jingxuan
Wang Sixuan
Yang Hongmei

Travel award

Ai Disi
Amorim Gabriel
Belabbas Souhila
Borràs Judith
Co Elisa
Coachman Erika
Cursino Carla
Despagne Colette
Dringó-Horváth Ida
Fan Qin
Favoretti Serafim Valeska
Floyd Rachel
Garrett Melissa
Gong Eleanor Yue
Gülbeyaz Esin Isil
Hämäläinen Mirja
Hamm-Rodriguez Molly
Hildeblando Junior Carlos Alberto
Hoskins Amanda
Hossain Tania
Jiménez-Gaspar Amelia
Kast Cliff
Kouraichi Bochra
Kourkouli Katerina
Kretzer Michael
Leena Aniqa
Maseko Busani
Mello Melanie
Mikuljanac Mina
Mingdan Wu
Nguyen Giang
Nguyen Minh Nghia
Nguyen Vinh
Ojong Rachel
Pairon Jacqueline
Paradowski Michał B.
Pattemore Matthew
Raza Kashif
Reini Anna
Rilliard Marylise
Shirdel Mahnaz
Shoecraft Kelly
Silva Daniel
Silva Elias
Sultana Shaila
Tekin Burak S.
Tompkins Leah
Wainwright Jodi
Wu Xinran
Yilmaz Tuba